4Front Pharmacy Online Mission

4Front Pharmacy Online is a new and innovative, pharmacy e-learning platform, designed to support the development of pharmacist-led teams at the heart of the community.

4Front Pharmacy strongly and passionately believes in the huge potential and value that community pharmacy offers. It is our mission to assist pharmacists and pharmacies to be THE hub of community health and wellness, putting self-care at the heart of healthcare, through state of the art online training. 

Meet the 4Front Pharmacy Online Team

Rachel Dungan B.Sc. (Pharm), M.Sc. MPSI

The Pharmacist Coach


Co Waterford


Pharmacist and Award Winning Executive and Leadership Coach, Rachel Dungan has been a practising pharmacist for almost 25 years.  She has trained 1000s of pharmacists and pharmacy teams in the past 20 years, on a variety of topics including clinical, leadership & management, pharmacy consultations and person-centred care.  She offers premium coaching to pharmacy leaders and their teams to overcome overwhelm, reduce distractions, increase productivity and focus on what is most important.  

After years of delivering live, onsite team training, 4Front Pharmacy Online is proud to announce that it has launched its modular online Pharmacy Education Platform to train, assess and validate excellence within your pharmacy team.

It was founded to support the expansion and integration of the professional role of community pharmacy teams at the heart of their communities.  Pharmacy can make a real difference to enhance health and wellbeing in our community, but we need to continuously upskill all staff to achieve this. 

To register for free team training go to  

To register for free leadership training, 'Profile of a Pharmacy Leader' 6-Part Series at

David McLean B.SC, H.Dip Mgt, MBA


Dublin 3


David is a successful Company Director and entrepreneur, with international experience in Pharmaceuticals, Digital Healthcare, and Healthcare Education. David has been responsible for some of Irelands leading healthcare elearning platforms with an estimated 2.5 million hours of CPD delivered over the past 20 years.

David is passionate about person-centred care and the central role of education to empower patients to be proactive about managing their own health and wellbeing.  With this alignment of vision, David and Rachel co-founded 4Front Pharmacy Online to support the expansion and integration of the professional role of community pharmacy teams at the heart of their communities.  With David's proven credentials in providing online education to healthcare professionals and Rachel's proven credentials in pharmacy education and practice, 4Front Pharmacy Online brings you the very best in engaging pharmacy team learning, so that you can train, assess and validate your team training - from any device, anywhere -  without you or your staff ever having to leave your pharmacy!

4Front Pharmacy Online is as a new website to train, assess and validate excellence within your pharmacy team.  To register for free, go to  


Karen Ahern M.Pharm(Hons), MPSI


Co Cork

Business Development Manager:

Pharmacist and Award Winning Health and Wellness Coach, Karen has practised as a community pharmacist in a variety of roles in both the UK and Ireland over the past 15 years.  She is dedicated to supporting pharmacy owners, pharmacists and their teams to be engaged, equipped, enabled and empowered to confidently embrace the change required for pharmacies to thrive.  She believes that the most educated teams are the highest performing teams and in supporting pharmacy teams to unleash the huge value-add potential that community pharmacy offers (and is largely untapped) to the provision of high quality healthcare. Karen also strongly believes in the role of the pharmacist as a patient advocate and to successfully do that across community pharmacy, all pharmacy team members need to develop a strong skillset in communication, consultation skills and personal leadership. Her passion for whole-team education, for the sake of delivering person-centred care is highly aligned with 4Front Pharmacy's mission.  She is proud to hold the position of 4Front Pharmacy's business development manager. 

To register for free for 4Front Pharmacy Online go to  and CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment with Karen to explore how 4FrontPharmacy can support you to train, assess and validate pharmacy excellence in your pharmacy business.